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[Online Talk] Who knew dashboards could look good?

[Online Talk] Who knew dashboards could look good?

[Online event ???? Register here ???? https://app.livestorm.co/le-wagon-12/online-talk-who-knew-dashboard-could-be-this-sexytype=detailed]

That Excel reporting sheet bores you? No stunning dashboards, easy to read and pretty on the eyes?
Now, the question is: can you actually make it better and get something else than these lines of data, numbers, and simple graphs?

Well, yes ...
And it s called data visualization ????

You probably have heard these two words before, and you re now thinking: "again, something you need tech skills for, and that is not something I have". True, data visualization does required tech skills... To create platforms allowing you to easily connect your data to and build your own dashboards!

We are lucky to be joined by a data visualization pro, someone who turned his strengths into a company, one of the men behind Cumul.io: Haroen Vermylen ????
Want to know some impressive facts?
Cumul.io processes 100s of millions of data points per day, delivering[masked] dashboards to customers in 32 countries ????And they are playing against the biggest names, and when we say the biggest, we mean it. Because we re talking about Google. No big deal!
Obviously, his entrepreneurial will be worth talking about!

Join us for a talk all about data, data visualization, entrepreneurship, and get ready to be stunned by reportings. You already love numbers. We ll make you love data visualization! ????

???? About Cumul.io
Cumul.io provides analytics and data visualization for people who like numbers, but don t like IT (see, what did we told you: it s not always about being that data scientist ????).
Embed stunning, interactive dashboards in your own SaaS application or platform with just a few lines of code!

???? About Le Wagon
Le Wagon is Europe s leading coding school for entrepreneurs and creative people. The school offers web development and data science bootcamps in 45 cities on all continents. Le Wagon now boasts a community of 13,000+ graduates from all walks of life, including many entrepreneurs who created 130+ tech startups and is the world s most acclaimed coding bootcamp according to student reviews on Switchup and Coursereport.

The next starting dates are:

Web Development
- Full-time (9 weeks): from January 10th to March 11th, 2022
- Part-time (24 weeks): from April 9th to September 24th, 2022

Data Science
- Full-time (9 weeks): from January 10th to March 11th, 2022
- Part-time (24 weeks): from April 9th to September 24th, 2022

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