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Introduction to Naturally Being

Introduction to Naturally Being

Invitation to attend a 1-hour free online presentation by Freyja Theaker of Naturally Being (www.naturallybeing.one) via Zoom on the topic of:

An introduction to an understanding of consciousness arising from the ancient insight of oneness (non-duality) and based on this, Naturally Being suggested methods to use this as a helpful guide for living and psychotherapeutic healing.


In line with ancient teachings of non-duality or oneness, which are at the heart of many spiritual traditions, combined with modern scientific psychotherapy, Naturally Being suggests the broadest context for understanding our self is what science has referred to as "consciousness", and ancient spiritual traditions as "awareness".

Though some scientists maintain the source of consciousness is the material brain, many are now opening to the possibility that it is the other way round; it is the brain (and body) that arises from consciousness. In addition to our body, what may appear as a separate world of other living beings and things also derives from this same source. Consciousness can be both unconditioned and infinite and conditioned and finite. This leads us to conclude that there is no division between what we call the "I" of ourselves and the apparent objects in our environment of the entire Universe. In this respect, all existence is one unitary whole.

This field of consciousness is the vital and broadest context from which we approach the experience of living. It is an ever-present whole, happy, peaceful place in our mind and body, which is something we can all discover through direct experience. Schools of psychology have recognised this as the "observing self". Going beyond this capacity for objective observing awareness of our life, we discover, through examining our experience, that this same awareness has no boundary and is a constant underlying all our experiences. It is not just a place of internal mental observation. It is the essential nature of our entire existence. Choosing to identify with the non-linear context of this oneness instead of the linear experience of objects such as thoughts or emotions or physical perceptions and sensations naturally gives rise to the qualities of openness, inner peace, love, courage, wisdom and happiness, as opposed to fear and a sense of lack. We discover that lasting innate peace and happiness are not dependent on circumstances at all but is ours to enjoy constantly no matter what the circumstances.

In this presentation, you will learn:

1. What are the insights of historical non-dual or oneness teachings?
2. Does modern science support the understanding of this ancient wisdom?
3. What are the ways we can come to understand and, more importantly, experience our essential nature?
4. How do these insights explain various mental health problems?
5. What does this understanding that Naturally Being applies to suggest as methods to help heal psychological suffering?
6. How you can take this introduction further through an invitation to join Freyja for a series of private one to one sessions

Presentation duration: 1 hour (including time for questions)

Fee: Free

Dates: Wednesday 26th January 11.00 am


Testimonial of previous attendees of Freyja s One to One Naturally Being sessions:

"Freyja s naturally being one sessions were a wonderful mix of theory, dialogue and experience, which have opened up a new way of being and experiencing life. Through the experiential contemplations and Freyja s wonderfully tangible metaphors, explanations and care, it became possible for me to truly understand and experience the liberation that living as the unlimited Natural I can offer. I am now both excited and grateful to be able to live the rest of my life with this new awareness that Freyja s profound, enriching insights, practices and wisdom offered."

You can find out more about Freyja at www.naturallybeing.one

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