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How to Create Antifragile Projects & Delivery

hasta el 27 de Enero de 2022    (Tiraque)
How to Create Antifragile Projects & Delivery

Come along and learn about antifragility in projects and delivery. Initially coined by a statistician by the name of Nassim Taleb, an antifragile system (of any kind) is one that increases in capability to thrive as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures.
There are 3 key elements to building an antifragile delivery environment. I ll share those with you along with some practices you can take away and begin to apply yourself.

Bio: Glenn Bolan
I m the Director of the Centre for Leadership Agility and Principal at www.glennbolan.com. My mission is to help leaders and teams navigate and thrive in the often chaotic, high pressure, complex and high stakes business and market environments they find themselves in. I do this by helping leaders and teams grow in agility and adaptability in who they are, in how they operate and in the tools and practices they bring to bear in these environments to have the success and the impact that they long to have.
Whether it is:
• Building high performance and agility into project, program and delivery teams
• Training leaders and their teams in agility with their customers to delight them, grow them and retain them
• Helping leaders cultivate and grow their inner agility to bring about the impact they long to have in their teams and their organizations
• Facilitating leaders and their teams in their high performance journey
Having operated in agile leadership roles and facilitated, coached and trained agility in leadership for over a decade, you can think of me like your "Adventure Guide" for Agility in Leadership in the jungle of today s disruptive, highly interconnected, demanding and complex business and market landscape.
I bring the latest thinking to bear in practice across such fields as psychology, neuroscience, relationship systems intelligence, and philosophy.

Some of the certs I hold:
• CAL1 | Certified Agile Leadership
• ICP-LEA | Leading with Agility
• ICP-ENT | Agility in the Enterprise
• ICP-CAT | Coaching Agile Transitions
• ICP-APM | Agility in Project & Delivery Management
• LDF | Harthill Leadership Development Framework
• PSM1 | Professional Scrum Master
• PMP | Project Management Professional
• Prince2 | Foundation

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