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Free Spanglish Virtual event - Language Exchange

Free Spanglish Virtual event - Language Exchange

(English Below)

Hey Spanglisher!
Bienvenido a Spanglish virtual. (Mira abajo como funciona)
Todos nuestros eventos virtuales son GRATIS. Podes participar registrandote en el siguiente link: https://spanglishexchange.com/register

En los eventos virtuales encontraras gente de todo el mundo ubicada en distintos lugares del mundo con quien vas a poder practicar tu ingles y español.

How does it work?

Get paired with native speakers in a series of 10-minute conversations during every two-hour session. Attending as little as two times a week, for 2 hours at a time, you’ll meet and practice with an unparalleled number of native speakers.

Registration for virtual events: https://spanglishexchange.com/register

There is no shortcut to Spanish fluency - but Spanglish is so fun you won’t want one! Spanglish starts during the 30 minute check in: Get to know the other Spanglishers – about half of the attendees at every event are new! After a little bit of ice-breaking, you’ll head to an assigned table for your first one-on-one conversation. No need to worry about making mistakes – the person sitting across from you is in the same boat! You converse for 5 minutes in english, 5 in Spanish – and then move on to a new conversation partner. By the second rotation we promise you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget you’re learning.

What do we talk about at Spanglish?:
Whatever you want! There are no set topics. We talk about everything from our favorite superheroes to our favorite restaurants – it’s the best way to practice another language – hanging out in a relaxing environment and talking about stuff you know and like!

Who attends Spanglish?
Study abroad students, international students, local Argentine students studying English and anyone looking for a flexible, affordable, and comfortable environment to practice their conversation skills.

You can find more information on our website http://www.spanglishexchange.com

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